Get Fired Up for LFW A/W18 with Gymshark

Get Fired Up is Model Village's fitness bootcamp designed to get models fit and in shape for London Fashion Week. A series of fitness classes are organised in the weeks leading up to each season's big bi-annual fashion event!

This season, Model Village joined forces with Gymshark and Metabolic London to offer the MVBabes a variety of fitness classes from the 29th of January to the 9th of February, just before the crazy chaos of the castings start the following week!

Continue reading to find out what happened over the 2 week intense workout session and what the MVBabes got up to...


The ultimate workout gear by Gymshark

This season, our MV Babes were spoilt by our partners! Gymshark provided all the models with the ultimate workout essentials. 

Gymshark is a fitness apparel & accessories brand, manufacturer and online retailer based in the United Kingdom, supported by over 3 million highly engaged social media followers and customers in 131 countries!

Every model member was gifted with the perfect fitness gear in an exclusive goodie bag, unlocking their full, incredible potential and of course making them look the part!  


A Kickass Workout

Over the sessions, the MVBabes participated in a variety of workouts specially tailored to their needs including HIIT, core work and strength training! @itsalwayshana and @lh_metabolicldn motivated and trained the models throughout the sessions and offered bespoke advice on their routines.


Hana's training routine

Using social media as her platform Hana delivers a versatile range of posts covering all subjects health, fitness and lifestyle related.

She curated her own workout plan especially for the MV Babes focusing on leg work and core with multiple reps aimed to push muscles to the limit. This bespoke program motivated each member to fuel their best potential and energise their body to the limit. She even had the models working in pairs to show that teamwork can truly be the key to unlocking the ultimate workout that is both interactive and effective.


Lawrence's training routine

Lawrence Hannah is the CEO of Metabolic London and a functional training specialist who has an eye for success.

He also trained the models throughout the sessions to motivate and personally inspire them. Lawrence curated a special workout plan for the models, testing their limits to the maximum and pushing them to reach their best results for the catwalks to come.

With high-intensity, interval training with a mixture of floor work, cardio and weights the models experienced an intense workout class set to get their hearts racing.

LAP_3771-86 copy.jpg

Relaxation with Yogi2Me

After the training the MVBabes enjoyed a 20 minute meditation and sound healing session to calm the body and leave in a relaxed state of mind by Yogi2Me.

Yogi2Me's private instructors curated the ideal relaxation sessions after the workout composed of yoga, meditation immersed by sound experiences. These ultimate soothing sessions included a mixture of mind meditation techniques and physical poses to help stretch the muscles and unwind.

One of the methods used was a unique sound healing practice featuring a Gong. Timed with pulsations, the power of the healing sound vibrations provided the ultimate relaxation technique - something unique and different for the models to enjoy.

LAP_3923-132 copy.jpg

The MVBabes stayed hydrated with Fiji WaterProtein World and Rude Health

Partners Fiji Water kept the models hydrated throughout the sessions, whilst protein shakes curtesy of Protein World and Rude Health's coconut drink were served as a post workout treat. The MV Babes got to choose between many mouth-watering  flavoured shakes including strawberry, cinnamon, banana, cinnamon roll and more! A nutritious and flavoursome finish to the hardcore sessions! 


Quotes from the MVBabes

Check out some motivational quotes direct from the MVBabes to prove why you should get involved next season! 

"Thank you for everything guys and for always making me feel so welcome! I really enjoyed the event" - Elizabeth Jones

"You guys are so great for really looking after us! The classes have been awesome! - Sophie Ascroft

"Thank you for the great experience and for pushing me out of my comfort zone! You are all amazing and motivational people! These 2 weeks have been great!"- Jenella Powell

Good luck to all the models walking in shows this season for London Fashion Week A/W 2018! We hope you enjoyed the #GetFiredUp programme and look forward to seeing you all next season!